CopperHill positioned for focused growth with new hire and role expansions

Recent changes to the CopperHill team are expected to grow sales, improve scoping efficiency, and deliver better solutions to customers.

New Hire: Kevin Kleinman, Director of Sales

Kevin_KleinmanCopperHill is excited to announce the hiring of Kevin Kleinman as its Director of Sales. Kleinman joins CopperHill from Salesforce where he held the title of Account Executive within the Healthcare / Life Sciences (HLS) vertical.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Kevin over the past four years while he was at Salesforce. He always put his customers’ needs first,” says Tyler Wax, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at CopperHill. This is a trait that CopperHill requires all its employees to embody: deliver what is in the customer’s best interest, even it if means selling a simpler, less expensive solution.

Kleinman’s relationship with CopperHill and his understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem bring an immediate impact to the team. “It helps us align our values, focus, and deepen our partnership with Salesforce. We felt the effects of his leadership skills and vision for growth right away,” says Wax.

Kleinman positively reflects on his new role: “I wanted to join CopperHill because they always delivered results and did right by the customer. Since we started working together back in 2016, CopperHill communicated a very clear process and vision with Salesforce customers, which earned trust across all parties. CopperHill is always finding innovative ways to drive digital transformation. There is a massive opportunity to help businesses in HLS adapt to our new normal. Together we can intelligently scale the business to meet demand and continue to be a trusted partner to all our current and future customers. I’m excited to be a part of this.”

Role Expansion: Kristin Waychoff, Director of Client Service

Kristin_WaychoffCopperHill’s heightened focus on delivering the best solutions to customers is reinforced by Kristin Waychoff’s role expansion as Director of Client Service. Waychoff will be responsible for scoping and defining all new customer engagements.

Waychoff’s extensive experience designing solutions and implementing Salesforce and complementary technologies puts her in a unique position to anticipate client needs, challenges, and requests before a project gets underway. Her ability to ask deep questions and uncover requirements at such an early stage of the process ensures CopperHill has a complete understanding of the client’s goals and objectives. It also keeps the team on track to hit milestone dates, develop roadmaps, and avoid scope creep.

“Kristin has an exemplary history of delivering high value solutions to customers across a number of industries. Bringing her to the front of our scoping process saves our customers from having multiple conversations on the same topic. She knows which questions to ask to uncover the answers we need to deliver successful projects, manage scope, and set expectations,” says Andrew Vose, Co-Founder and CEO.


About CopperHill

CopperHill helps companies use technology to create better, smarter, and more efficient solutions to address their business challenges and enable them for organizational success. CopperHill is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and AWS Select Tier Partner located outside Philadelphia, PA. CopperHill specializes in a variety of and AWS products, integration, and healthcare solutions. For more information, contact us or email