Customer Story: Zyno Medical’s switch to Salesforce and CopperHill proves more valuable than a standard technology upgrade

Company Name: Zyno Medical, LLC Zyno-Medical
Sponsor: Vice President of Operations
Products: Salesforce Health Cloud, CopperHill AIR Connector, Custom Integration, CopperHill Flextime Support.
Headquarters: Natick, MA
Project Goals: Replace outdated, legacy CRM. Improve sales data capture and visibility. Establish more efficient sales processes. Better sales forecasting. CRM integration with Accounting and Regulatory Compliance systems.

Zyno Medical, LLC is a medical device manufacturer of infusion pumps located outside Boston, MA. They needed an efficient way to forecast sales and track opportunities across multiple business units, products, and distribution channels, so they kicked off a project with Salesforce and CopperHill.

salesforce-health-cloudReplace a Legacy CRM.

Zyno Medical was relying on an outdated system with limited reporting capabilities to manage its accounts, contacts, and overall sales processes. Salesforce Health Cloud is a big improvement from a design and functionality perspective. The team can now manage account and contact details, meetings, and notes more easily and more accurately. An added benefit is Salesforce’s capability to set permissions and visibility restrictions. This enables salespeople to have a clean view of only products, accounts, and contacts that pertains to their business units while still allowing management to see sales activity and pipeline information across the entire organization.

Zyno Medical’s customer service team also benefits from the CRM replacement. Salesforce’s Case Management feature helps the customer service team provide better support to end customers, manage issues, and respond to cases. Additionally, by using Salesforce as the central location where Case information is stored, this allows Zyno Medical’s customer service and sales teams to have better insight into managing their customer relationships and communicating internally.

Define a True Sales Process

Zyno Medical’s different business units had different ways of working toward their goals. Since implementing Salesforce Health Cloud, Zyno Medical’s sales teams leverage the power of creating leads and moving opportunities through many stages of the sales cycle. It helps the teams determine which next steps need to be taken and when to anticipate a completed sale. Zyno Medical’s management now has the ability to forecast sales and manage its pipeline with Salesforce’s powerful reporting. This was difficult and time intensive to do before Zyno Medical established these processes and switched CRMs.

Improve Data Visibility and Sales ForecastingAIR Connector Logo

Zyno Medical knew that Salesforce should be designed to show the most accurate sales data available to the team and to management. However, Zyno Medical faced the challenge of combining data from several third-party systems for this information.

The first data source that needs to be visible inside Salesforce was Zyno Medical’s customer orders and fulfillment records. These data points are stored in Zyno Medical’s regulatory compliance tool called QOS. For quality control reasons, Zyno Medical wanted to be sure this data could not be edited inside Salesforce – just read-only. The second data source that needs to be visible, but not editable, inside Salesforce is Zyno Medical’s accounting data. Peachtree is the accounting system that Zyno Medical uses. It contains customers’ invoices and billing information. The last data source that needs to be available inside Salesforce is Distributor Tracing Data. Zyno Medical sells a significant portion of its devices through medical supply distributors. Every month, Zyno Medical obtains a large, unorganized file that contains all the sales transactions that are completed through these distributors.

To bring all this data together and make it available inside Salesforce, Zyno Medical took advantage of CopperHill’s extensive integration experience and expertise. Using a combination of custom APEX integration and CopperHill’s own middleware tool, AIR Connector, CopperHill was able to bring critical purchase, order, and distribution information inside Zyno Medical’s Salesforce org.

CopperHill also built a custom object inside Salesforce so Zyno Medical can access, report on, and match the sales data from distributors with their customer accounts. This allows them to reconcile actual purchases with sales forecasts and opportunities, a seemingly impossible task before this transition.

Roadmap Items

Zyno Medical has already identified more ways to streamline their processes and leverage the power of the Salesforce platform. Territory Management is a near-term roadmap item that Zyno Medical is looking to implement to help them align accounts, leads, and contacts with its sales territories. Additional integration with QOS to ease the order entry process for their sales teams is also coming soon.

In addition, Zyno Medical is interested to broadening their marketing efforts inside Salesforce. These efforts include Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, and the alike.

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