Customer Story: Salesforce and CopperHill HLS Solutions bring big benefits to Constellation Health Services

Company Name: Constellation Health Services
Sponsor: Business Development Leader
Products: Salesforce Platform, Salesforce Health Cloud, AIR Healthcare Data, AIR Connector
Headquarters: Norwalk, CT
Project Goals: Document activity. Track referrals. Identify new sales opportunities.

Constellation Health Services offers community-based home health, palliative care, hospice, non-medical home care, school-based OT/PT/ABA, and in-home ABA therapy through our broad network of providers. It services the Northeast region of the US.

Constellation Health Services faced a number of obstacles that impacted day-to-day tasks:

  • Lack of a user-friendly, efficient CRM
  • Reliance on Excel spreadsheets
  • Poor quality of contact and account data
  • Inefficiencies to logging end-user activities

These obstacles had downstream effects on how quickly Constellation Health could scale and grow.

The team licensed a CRM to organize patient data; though there was no consistency across logging calls and activities. This made sales forecasting and efficiency measuring nearly impossible. The team knew that the sleek, intuitive Salesforce Platform would be easier to use and capture end-user activity. Salesforce paired with adherence to well-defined, internal processes would bring transparency and effectiveness to their pipeline.

The team also understood how important it is to track what business is coming through hospital referrals. However, they had no technology to process this and they were forced to capture what details they could on multiple spreadsheets. This method of accounting for referrals was very manual and error prone. Constellation Health Services needed something more powerful. CopperHill designed a custom approach to tracking referrals, at a more simplified level, in order for Constellation Health Services to track these more efficiently.

Lastly, Constellation Health Services needed to refresh their healthcare provider data. A lot of the hospital and doctor information stored in their Contacts and Accounts was outdated or incorrect. The team had no way to cleanse or check this data beyond having a person manually search for each individual’s or account’s updated details. This was costing time and manpower that Constellation Health Services couldn’t afford. To aid in resolving this dynamic, they purchased a AIR Healthcare Data subscription with AIR Connector. This gives Constellation Health Services access to a library of over 629,000 verified, accurate records filtered to their specific requirements – doctors and hospitals within the taxonomies and geographies which they work. This library is refreshed every two weeks. Any existing Contacts and Accounts are updated with accurate information while new providers or hospitals in the dataset are automatically created as new Accounts and Contacts right in Salesforce. This allows Constellation Health Services to keep provider and hospital data up-to-date and identify new potential opportunities to grow their business.

CopperHill Healthcare Data integrates directly with Salesforce

How Salesforce and CopperHill Solutions bring big benefits to Constellation Health

Constellation Health Services can leverage the powerful Salesforce Platform as its engine for growth. By using the Salesforce Platform, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Health Cloud, AIR Healthcare Data, and AIR Connector together, Constellation Health Services has a centralized interface to target potential accounts and opportunities, track calls and activities, and measure effectiveness and referrals. This combination of solutions saves time, prevents errors, enables growth, increases effectiveness, and brings transparency to the Constellation Health business development and sales teams.


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