Customer Story: HRI’s growth efforts find additional power inside Salesforce

Company Name: Hassman Research Institute (HRI)
Sponsor: VP of Business Development
Products: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Data Migration, CopperHill Flextime
Headquarters: New Jersey, USA
Project Goals: Migrate ACT! CRM data and users to Salesforce. Correct data integrity issues. Consolidate and centralize systems.

Hassman Research Institute (HRI) is a leading clinical research organization that conducts studies in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. HRI’s staff is dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of quality results in the trials they conduct.

HRI currently utilized Salesforce and was in the process of merging with a company conducting pharmaceutical clinical studies. For this initiative to be successful, HRI and the merged company needed to combine CRMs. This resulted in a project being launched to consolidate all data from ACT! CRM into HRI’s existing Salesforce platform.

Migrating from ACT! CRM to Salesforce

Before merging with HRI, the company used ACT! CRM to manage relationships, track opportunities, and report sales. ACT! CRM is not uncommon among clinical research organizations, but HRI was aware of its drawbacks. For one, it is an on-premise technology. This resulted in users missing out on the cost savings, scalability, and remote access benefits that cloud technologies, like Salesforce, offer. HRI needed to ensure consistency and quality across its divisions and teams in order to grow efficiently. This principle extended to the types of technology being used.

HRI wanted to keep operations running as smoothly as possible throughout the acquisition and immediately after. This included migrating users and data from ACT! CRM into HRI’s existing Salesforce. HRI hired CopperHill Consulting to lead this transition.

CopperHill configured and built tailored pages inside of Salesforce that closely resembled ACT! CRM. This reduced the amount of training necessary for the merged company employees to feel comfortable using Salesforce. Salesforce’s intuitive interface, screens and actions familiar to ACT! CRM meant the new HRI employees were onboarded quickly all while benefiting from Salesforce’s cloud technology features.

Correcting Data Integrity Issues

CopperHill mapped and migrated all the historical data stored in ACT! CRM into Salesforce. This required custom configuration, field mapping, and data loading. Upon digging in, CopperHill identified some data integrity issues inside ACT! CRM that would have stalled progress or thrown errors at users. CopperHill worked closely with HRI to resolve all these issues before migrating the ACT! CRM data to Salesforce. Once completed, management and employees had one clear, centralized view, and easy access into all the sales data across the different divisions of the growing company.

One Single Source of Truth

Using Salesforce as its single source of truth, relating to consolidated sales data, enables HRI to scale and grow quickly. The Salesforce platform operates much more quickly than ACT! CRM enabling the team to update, download, and sync at faster speeds. By having all of HRI’s divisions working inside Salesforce simplifies its technology management and streamlines efforts for growth and improvement. As HRI continues to expand, Salesforce can easily scale with it.

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