Stay healthy, productive, and engaged while working from home

New to working from home? It takes time to find a routine, adjust to a new workspace, and tune out distractions.

Did you know that the CopperHill Consulting team has been a remote workforce since the company was founded 5 years ago? In order to deliver the high-quality work our customers expect, our team has mastered the art of Working-From-Home. We’re excited to share the many ways we stay motivated!

Here are our expert recommendations for those of you still figuring out how to do your best work from the comfort and safety of your home.

Stay Healthy!

  • Hydrate. Always have a drink of water with you on your desk.
  • Make time to exercise. Go outside a few times a day if you can.
  • Get into and stick to a routine, just like you do when you work in the office.
  • Keep convenient foods on hand for lunch. With some restaurants closed, it’s not as easy to run out and return quickly.
  • Simple meditation is extremely effective for mental clarity.
  • If you feel lonely often, get a goldfish to keep you company.

Stay Productive!

  • Get dressed into “day clothes.” Don’t stay in your pjs.
  • Try to have some sort of dedicated workspace. This allows you to “go to work” and “leave work” and mentally separate being at work and at home.
  • Focus on work tasks when you’re “at work.” It’s easy to get distracted by a pile of laundry, but for the most part, if it’s not something you would do in the office, don’t plan on doing it during work time in your home office.
  • Remain task focused. Try to think in terms of tasks rather than occupying space for x-number of hours.
  • Take a break from a task or project and work on something else when you feel you hit a mental block. Go back to it when you have a refreshed perspective.
  • Have a method of prioritization. We’ve been using the Eisenhower matrix: a quadrant-based approach of developing priority.
  • Know the type of person you are. Whether you identify as an early bird or a night owl will tell you what time of day you are the most productive. Reserve that time for your most important tasks.

Stay Engaged!

  • Utilize your systems and technology well. G-Suite, Cloud-based apps, document sharing, etc. It’s amazing the amount of connectivity you can attain.
  • Make sure you have a good headset that is compatible with your computer for conference calling. Computer speakers can cause echoes and poor sound quality.
  • Talk to your coworkers. Instant messaging is great, but don’t hesitate to schedule phone call or video chat meetings.
  • Keep learning. With all the online and distance-based solutions out there, it’s easier than ever to get access to resources for improving yourself.
  • Remember there is an outside world. If you are working from a space without a window, play a nature channel or webcam on mute.

Have questions? Reach out to any member of the CopperHill team. We’re happy to support you and help you work more efficiently from home!