Customer Story: NJ Spine supports patient processes with Salesforce

Company Name: NJ Spine and Wellness
Sponsor: Strategic Operations Manager
Products: Salesforce Sales Cloud, CTI Connector
Headquarters: New Jersey, USA
Project Goals: Support processes and functions related to patient acquisition and onboarding. Migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning.

NJ Spine and Wellness (NJ Spine) is a comprehensive care provider for New Jersey residents looking for diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, spine issues, orthopedic concerns, and nutritional counseling. They originally purchased Salesforce Sales Cloud with the intention to self-implement. NJ Spine understood the power of the platform and were eager to configure and customize it to support their patient acquisition and onboarding initiatives. However, the setup proved to be very challenging for the NJ Spine team and they began the search for an implementation partner.


Partnership Based on Understanding

Salesforce recommended CopperHill Consulting to NJ Spine. A year after introductions and evaluating 5 other potential partners, they decided to move forward with CopperHill. NJ Spine was impressed by CopperHill’s:

  • Ability to understand NJ Spine’s needs and objectives
  • Ability to articulate how they can deliver solutions for NJ Spine  
  • Availability to discuss project details early in the partner vetting process


Harnessing Lightning, Process Builders, and CTI Integration

After lengthy scoping and discovery conversations, NJ Spine and CopperHill were able to put an action plan in place. It started with resetting some of the configurations that were put into place before signing on with CopperHill. The full agenda involved:

  1. Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. This allows NJ Spine to leverage Process Builder and workflows to move tasks along the patient acquisition and onboarding processes. It also enables NJ Spine to grow with the platform and take advantage of new features that are only available in Lightning.
  2. Migrating data. Validating patient data from insurance providers, payment arrangements, and care plans was a huge priority for NJ Spine. Knowing the Salesforce data is accurate means they can use Salesforce as their single source of truth; they no longer need to look up details in these other systems.
  3. Installing the RingCentral connector. RingCentral is a computer telephony integration tool that NJ Spine uses to make calls to patients directly from Salesforce. It ensures phone calls are logged as activities and keeps the NJ Spine team working efficiently. 
  4. Adding automations. Salesforce automations save time and eliminate areas of manual or duplicate data entry for NJ Spine. They now use Salesforce to trigger insurance verifications, send appointment reminders, assign tasks, and update next steps. 

Looking Ahead

NJ Spine is excited to scope out the next phase of their Salesforce roadmap. Understanding the value of the platform and how it can play the central role in patient care and referral management has the team looking to integrate Salesforce with NJ Spine’s EHR, implement Conga, and start tracking referrals. These next agenda items will save even more time, share even more patient information across the multiple systems, and start to measure the effectiveness of NJ Spine’s outreach.   

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