Customer Story: Padcaster uses Salesforce Communities to engage with its customers

Salesforce Communities perfectly fits this need and puts them in a position to expand Padcaster’s customer engagement efforts.


Company Name: Padcaster

Sponsor: Company Owner

Products: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities

Headquarters: New York. NY

Project Goals: Build a secure platform to share content and support customer service.

Padcaster manufactures production equipment and mobile device accessories that its customers can use to transform their phones or tablets into production studios.

As the Padcaster customer base continues to grow, the company needed a way to engage with its customers. This type of engagement includes sharing training videos, product updates and announcements, advertisements, and product support. While some of these communications can be made available to the public, Padcaster has additional information that is only appropriate for valid customers to receive.

Additionally, Padcaster faces the lack of a direct communication channel. Padcaster sells equipment through distributors, so it is difficult for the team to acquire their customers’ contact information. Traditional outbound email and text messaging is not an option. Posting videos would meet the need of sharing information, but it does not restrict access.

Communities enable Padcaster to engage with its customers.

Padcaster was looking to leverage a tool that gives them the opportunity to push content out to its customers, but also a portal that customers can use to access more specific content relevant to them.

The Padcaster team wanted something easy to maintain and implement, and if possible, they wanted to keep consistency in their technology stack. Since Padcaster already uses Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds to support its growth efforts, it made sense to look within the Salesforce Platform for a solution that would meet its customer engagement needs.

Salesforce Communities perfectly fits this need and puts them in a position to expand Padcaster’s customer engagement efforts.

Padcaster worked with CopperHill to build a Salesforce Community for Padcaster’s customers to engage with the company and access training videos, product updates, advertisements, news, and submit support tickets.

Padcaster’s Customer Community is integrated with Salesforce, so as customers register for the portal, they are added to Salesforce using Web-to-Lead functionality. To confirm that they are truly customers, they are required to enter a unique access code that was included in the product packaging. The access code is then validated, helping the Padcaster support team identify which product they have purchased.

Communities supports the growth of Padcaster and its customer service. As they expand their reach, the Padcaster team looks to enable chat functions, Q&A, and Knowledge Base type discussions in their customer Community.

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