Customer Story: Bestpass streamlines process in identifying cost saving options for customers

New toll volume estimation tool improves productivity for sales team, allows Bestpass to demonstrate increased value to current and potential customers

Bestpass, Inc. provides single-source payment and streamlined toll management services to commercial fleets. The company creates innovative, practical and valuable solutions for simplifying the toll-related challenges faced by commercial truckers, fleet managers and tolling facilities, and their services cover 100 percent of major U.S. toll roads.

Bestpass came to CopperHill Consulting with a goal of improving and enhancing their sales, customer management and interaction processes. This included gathering and analyzing the large amount of data needed to provide customers and prospects with an estimate of the cost savings resulting from switching to Bestpass’s toll management services. Bestpass was looking for a streamlined workflow that would integrate with their existing solution and be easy for their team to use in the sales process.

When CopperHill began work with Bestpass, they had already implemented an automated estimation process in their existing solution, however, it did not provide the level of capability required and was cumbersome for the Bestpass sales team. Bestpass saw the need for change and was committed to providing a tool that improved the user experience. CopperHill took the time to understand the end-to-end business process and the goals Bestpass had for the estimation function. The result was a simpler approach that required less work on the Bestpass team and allowed them to more quickly demonstrate value to the customer.

Today, Bestpass has seen a significant increase in user adoption of the estimation process, which has led to improved productivity of their team. The redesign and automation of the estimation process allows Bestpass to provide a value-added service to their customers and potential customers.

“Tolling for commercial fleets is an incredibly complex subject, but CopperHill quickly grasped the unique needs of our business and helped to streamline and improve a number of critical processes, allowing us to better serve current customers and better demonstrate our value to prospective customers,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “CopperHill has been invaluable in helping us manage a massive amount of data more quickly and more accurately, which has had an immediate positive impact on our company.”

By designing and implementing an automated process that took into account how the Bestpass team needed to interact with the customer, CopperHill was able to identify an easier process that worked more effectively and provided the customer with the needed information to make informed decisions. The benefits to Bestpass included:

  • Reduced data entry time

  • Increased data accuracy

  • Increased reliability on estimates

  • Increased user adoption and satisfaction

  • Reduced document preparation time and cycle time

“From the moment CopperHill started working with Bestpass it was clear they were interested in identifying ways to improve their interactions with their customers and prospects. We started our efforts with a review of their existing systems and processes working to identify areas they could leverage to improve communications, save time, and provide an integrated solution for their business. We look forward to continuing to work with Bestpass to identify new ways they can improve their business using technology,” said John McCloskey, CEO of CopperHill Consulting.

About Bestpass

Bestpass is in the business of saving commercial fleets and drivers time and money. Founded in 2001 by the Trucking Association of New York, Bestpass provides nationwide streamlined toll management services, including consolidated billing, volume discounts, violation processing and a single service compatible with more than 40 tolling groups and all transponder-based weigh station bypass networks. With more than $35 million in tolls processed each month, Bestpass is a trusted partner both on the road and in the back office. To learn more, visit