Customer Story: Building a scalable order management system (OMS) for Geneoscopy

Customer Story: Building a Scalable Order Management System for GeneoscopyGeneoscopy

Company Name: Geneoscopy, Inc.
Industry: Healthcare / Life Sciences
Sub-Industry: Diagnostic/Lab
Location: MO, United States
Products Purchased: Salesforce Health Cloud, Salesforce Maps with Territory Planning,
Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, Salesforce Shield, Conga, and

Geneoscopy has set its sights on becoming a leading provider of gastrointestinal health tests. Their mission is to empower patients and healthcare providers to transform gastrointestinal health with innovative tests that help detect, prevent, and monitor disease. Following its anticipated FDA approval, Geneoscopy will be launching a new noninvasive colorectal cancer screening test that will assist patients with at-home testing, and wanted to leverage Salesforce for order management, healthcare provider engagement, and patient engagement.

Geneoscopy worked with CopperHill to phase out the build of their highly tailored Salesforce instance with Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and several other integrations that will enable their internal and external teams — from sales reps to supply chain partners — to successfully prepare for its future launch of their product in a competitive marketplace.

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Configuring the Foundation:

In the initial phase, our team collaborated closely with Geneoscopy to configure the foundational elements of the Salesforce platform. This included setting up Salesforce Health Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which created a single source of truth to serve as the backbone of their system. In the second phase, we implemented an Order Management System to handle the end-to-end process that will enable automation of incoming orders from health care providers and kit fulfillment, to testing and patient result reporting.

Patient and Provider Support:

We built a dedicated service channel for inquiries to support patient and provider interactions. The Patient Services and Client Services teams are equipped to manage the patient journey, offer support during the collection kit phase, answer questions, and provide educational materials based on test results. We enabled the “Web to Case” feature, allowing non-patient inquiries to be submitted directly into Salesforce and triaged by the appropriate support teams.

Order Processing and Reporting:

Providers will be able to conveniently submit orders through a Test Requisition Form by using an integrated e-fax tool and later, an integration with a channel partner using an HL7 interface, thereby enabling the customary order processing for many healthcare systems. Client Services will be notified to validate the accuracy of each order before initiating the order processing and kit workflow.

The Client Services team will provide healthcare provider support throughout the order process. Patient reports will be generated and stored in the Salesforce environment following a robust testing process in Geneoscopy’s CLIA and CAP-accredited laboratory. These reports will be automatically sent to providers, ensuring timely communication and follow-up. The Patient Services team will manage communications and support to patients throughout their testing journey and beyond.


Integration with BioTouch and LIMS:

To track the progress of orders inside Salesforce, we integrated with a system responsible for Geneoscopy’s order fulfillment and kit distribution, using AIR Connect middleware. Patients will receive the kits, provide samples, and ship them back to the lab for testing. The integration ensures timely updates regarding status. Shipping statuses are pushed into Salesforce so the Geneoscopy teams will be able to monitor their test kit status and proactively reach out to patients and the lab team when needed.

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We established integration with Geneoscopy’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) through custom APIs to share these test results from LIMS automatically with Salesforce, specifically associated with the corresponding order. This integration facilitates the generation of patient reports that will be shared with the ordering healthcare providers, ensuring they have the necessary information to provide the best patient treatment plan.

Meeting Regulatory Compliance:

Geneoscopy has stringent regulatory requirements, including maintaining compliance with HIPAA and FDA requirements. Our team worked closely with their internal stakeholders to ensure the entire platform, integrations, and documentation met all necessary standards. Salesforce Shield, version control, audit trails, and revision management features were implemented to comply with compliance requirements.

Geneoscopy’s test is not available commercially and is under review with the US Food and Drug

Pre-sales and Launch Support:

As Geneoscopy prepares for commercialization, the Salesforce platform serves as the central hub for managing healthcare providers and patient information, and order products; while aggregating orders and receiving shipping statuses. We leveraged plugins like eFax and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automate the processing of faxed orders, while reducing manual efforts by both healthcare providers and Geneoscopy team members; thus improving efficiency and mitigating errors. Real-time communication through automated email and SMS was enabled to facilitate engagement and provide support to patients and providers.

Future Phases:

Building on the strong foundation established in Phase 1, Geneoscopy has envisioned several future phases to extend the power of Salesforce through integrations. These include integrating revenue data from our billing software into Salesforce, expanding the integration with a channel partner, enhancing the Healthcare Provider (HCP) education and support journey, and implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud for Patient and Provider Portals. These enhancements will foster customer loyalty, and orders, while empowering patients and HCPs to “self-serve”, further improving the overall customer experience. As Geneoscopy looks toward the future, the platform will continue to evolve and provide enhanced functionality that will deliver a superior experience for patients, healthcare providers, and internal teams alike.

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