CopperHill welcomes Jenn Oneill as a Senior Consultant to its growing delivery team

CopperHill welcomes Jenn Oneill as a Senior Consultant to its growing delivery team

We are excited to welcome Jennifer Oneill to CopperHill as Senior Consultant. She brings with her extensive functional and technical knowledge of and experience with Salesforce and related technologies. With her strong history of designing and delivering customer solutions, Jenn will make an immediate impactful on the CopperHill team and our customers.

“Jenn is an extremely hard worker. She has such a positive influence on projects and is always looking to learn something new. Several members of the CopperHill team, including myself, have worked with Jenn in previous roles. We are thrilled to be working together again. I can’t wait to see what Jenn will create at CopperHill!” says Andrew Vose, CEO and Co-Founder of CopperHill.

Jenn, a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, started her career in the Army Reserve before taking on IT roles. She worked for several years as a developer and programmer before shifting her focus to work more closely with customers in a consulting capacity. Jenn can develop and implement solutions using a variety of tools, languages, and programs including APEX, JavaScript, SQL, and others. Jenn is also Salesforce Certified as a Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Consultant, an Administrator and Advanced Administrator, a and Platform Developer, and a Platform App Builder.

Jenn reflects on her transition to CopperHill: “Having worked with quite a few people at CopperHill before, I know I am joining a strong group of employees with integrity and knowledge. It feels like coming home. I have done great things with the team before and I know we will do them again.”

When Jenn is not building creating solutions for customers, she enjoys outdoor activities like running, biking, and kayaking around her home near Pittsburgh, PA. Jenn has already run 5 full marathons and is looking forward to the next. She even organizes monthly distance run challenges with her friends.

Jenn’s technical background helps her anticipate needs and requirements while uncovering customer challenges. We know our customers will benefit from her technical skillset and problem-solving mindset.

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