Customer Story: IAC offers enhanced, self-service insights to customers with AIR


Company Name: Integrated Access Corporation (IAC)
Sponsor: Principal
Products: CopperHill AIR Platform
Headquarters: Wayne, PA
Project Goals: Automate the routine tasks. Make the information self-service. Spend more time on the revenue driving activities.

Given our rapidly expanding client base, how can we spend less time creating reports for our customers?

This was a question that challenged Integrated Access Corporation (IAC). Reports created for its customers should cover the latest insights and greatest information, as well as highlight the value that IAC provides to them. There should be the option to dive into significant detail, and nothing can be outdated. While these reports are required to be delivered monthly, quarterly, and annually, IAC Account Managers often find themselves creating them more frequently – whenever a customer asks for an update.

The report requirements aren’t exactly simple: they involve setting filters to show only that specific customer’s data, looking at activity across multiple IAC employees, ensuring accuracy, and formatting the information in a way that meets the standard of IAC’s high-quality deliverable.

Steve Ogborn, a Principal at IAC, looked to bring in outside help in an effort to alleviate this manual, time-intensive process.

 “We are service company – we can’t tell our customers ‘no’!” Ogborn says. “We want to give them what they ask for, but IAC has a lot of customers and the weight of all that became overwhelming.”

The goals for this project are automating the routine and manual tasks, making the information self-service, and ultimately allowing the IAC team to spend more time on revenue-driving activities.

Enter CopperHill Consulting

Ogborn was already familiar with the work CopperHill did in the Salesforce space – implementations, integrations, and optimizations – from previous conversations and project scopes. IAC decided to work with a different Salesforce consulting partner at that time, but was impressed by CopperHill’s capabilities and kept in touch for future opportunities to work together.

“Professional, knowledgeable, talented, not the typical IT consultant you run into,” is how Ogborn describes CopperHill. “Everyone is can do, lets figure it out, very positive attitude and understanding, collaborative in every way.”

Over one year later, IAC and CopperHill scheduled a call to review a full-scale analytics platform that allows them to not only review their own data, but integrate with their customers’ data: CopperHill AIR.

Time-Saving, Self-Serving Solutions.

Ogborn immediately recognized the power that CopperHill AIR could provide to the IAC team. He was eager to kick off a project that leveraged technology to deliver a reporting solution that benefits both his team and customers.AIR-infographic

AIR pulls data from Salesforce, stores it in a secure, reliable AWS cloud-based database, and visualizes it through a web link. IAC is currently using AIR to report on all their activity for customers and has some impressive upcoming plans to integrate IAC’s customers data with their own for a truly unique and comprehensive analytics solution.

The final product gives the IAC team the ability to customize access, filters, and date ranges. After implementing the findings from discovery meetings and defined requirements, the Sales team at IAC no longer needs to browse through the previously generated reports or create new ones to provide insights to their customers. Even better, IAC will share AIR with its customers so they can access all this information on their own while also giving their customers the ability to combine their own data alongside IAC’s. This is an offering that IAC believes is truly defining the way they service their customers and a differentiator around the insights they can provide.

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