Clearly track your marketing activities to revenue


Clearly track your marketing efforts to revenue

Finding that balance of investment and spend to generate returns is tricky, especially for marketers. It is hard to assign a dollar value to brand awareness, but CopperHill AIR for Marketers is helping bridge that gap.

Most B2B marketing analytic tools stop tracking activity once a lead is generated. The effort is passed off to a separate team, usually within Sales, to convert the lead to a customer. We believe this is shortsighted. While it makes sense to understand which marketing campaigns and channels are bringing in the most leads, shouldn’t the marketing team care about the quality of those leads, and which leads bring in revenue?

CopperHill AIR for Marketers solves this data and analytics problems for marketers. It connects all your marketing and campaign activity directly to revenue generated for the company.

How this works

Our AIR Connectors reach across all your different marketing channels: remarketing and banner ads, pay per clicks, website traffic, email activity, social media, event registrations, link trackers, forms, and anything else you might use. It also reaches beyond your efforts into lead generation, opportunities, sales, and account management tasks and activities. This meaningful connection brings clear metrics to light that are so much more meaningful than simply website traffic or ad conversions: it allows you to follow an individual from first point of contact – no matter the channel – all the way through the sales cycle to revenue generated by that individual.

Why this makes such a difference

Once the connectors bring all your data together, the AIR Warehouse transforms your data so it is actionable and you can make decisions and get better insights. The AIR Warehouse can calculate, summarize, dedupe, and perform other actions on your data automatically, both saving you time and ensuring accuracy. It matches datasets from different sources so you can easily see, for example, the channel in which a campaign is most effective or what marketing activity first attracted in a returning customer to your company’s website. You can aggregate totals of opportunities won or lost not just by sales person or territory, but also by marketing effort.

AIR dashboard

Sharing this valuable information

AIR Intel, our data visualization tool, showcases your data in easy to understand charts, diagrams, and tables. Parameters are customizable to indicate whether certain metrics are above or below standards.

activity gauges

You can now see one clear, concise, and accurate view of customer segments, forecasting and pipeline insights, efficiency highlights, and areas that need improvement.

Reports and dashboards prove Marketing’s worth in the company – drawing lines from first touch to most recent sale – and measure ROI of marketing spend. This can be done at the overall level, or you can drill down by channel and campaign. The best part about this tool? All of this visualization can be shared directly from AIR though email attachments or PDF, CSV, XLS, and other file type downloads.

CopperHill AIR for Marketers brings all of your marketing data together in a way that makes it easier for you to make decisions, glean insights, and understand the value each marketing effort brings to your company.

Learn more about CopperHill AIR and AIR for Marketers, or contact us with any questions!