Better, easier access to your marketing data

What we want: Easier access to marketing data and activity.
Why we want it: To save time, prevent errors, and make better decisions.

Manual reporting. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually. Logging in to different marketing systems, downloading or exporting data. Manually matching efforts tied to campaigns across web analytics, marketing automation tool, and social media accounts to measure activity is a nightmare for most marketers, and an activity that – quite frankly – is not the best use of a marketer’s time. marketing systems

Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate all that manual work and access your marketing reporting right in one tab of your internet browser? No flipping between multiple tabs. No logging into different systems just to check performance measures. No copying, downloading, and exporting data. No manually matching data points to combine data. No double counting and calculating metrics.

CopperHill AIR for Marketers solves this data and analytics problems for marketers. It saves time, prevents errors, and gives you better, easier access to your marketing activity.

The AIR Marketing Dashboard gives you a streamlined, accurate snapshot of all your marketing activity by connecting the different channels you use: display ads, pay per click, marketing drip emails and email blasts, website activity and page views, social media engagement, active prospects, leads, and contacts, through our efficient middleware tools. These connectors are set to run almost continuous, so your data is always up to date.

Visitor Source By CampaignVisitor Source By Channel

AIR for Marketers stores all that connected data in a secure AWS data warehouse. It matches up related activities and attributes from different channels to combine and report on data without any duplications, miscalculations, and manual errors. It eliminates your need to scroll through spreadsheets, calculate percentages, and force formatting of specific data sets, yet gives you accurate, actionable marketing data.

AIR displays your marketing data using a variety of charts and graphics with contrasting colors, all of which can be customized to match your company’s brand. This helps put your data into context, so anyone can make sense of your reports, even if they are not familiar with your data. AIR also gives you the ability to export both the charts and the data into email attachments and downloads as PDF, docx, csv, xlsx, and other file types.

This consolidated view gives you the power to make informed decisions based on your data. You can quickly and accurately identify which campaigns have the most engagement, broken down by channel, and clearly uncover opportunities and revenue resulting from those efforts.

Learn more about CopperHill AIR and AIR for Marketers, or contact us with any questions!