Creating Actionable Marketing Data with CopperHill AIR

Creating Actionable Marketing Data with CopperHill AIR

As the Director of Marketing, part of my responsibilities is to nurture leads through email campaigns to deliver real prospects and opportunities for my sales team. I segment my prospect lists based on various attributes and characteristics to share better and relevant communications with them.

We purchased a list of lead names – over 230,000 – to be exact, from a partner to feed a new nurture campaign. This was delivered to us as a spreadsheet with multiple tabs for different geographical locations. I downloaded this spreadsheet with the intention of removing all the names that don’t fit my marketing criteria for this specific campaign and keeping only ones in certain industries, company sizes, locations, job titles, and other specific attributes.

Excel failed me

I consider myself pretty Excel savvy, but I could not filter down this monster-sized spreadsheet to give me that small, meaningful list of names that fit my marketing criteria. I spent hours getting frustrated with deleting in batches, Excel timing out on me, and the dreaded “Oops, I selected the wrong filter to delete; now I have to undo, wait for it to load, highlight the correct selection, delete, and hope it doesn’t crash.” I found that magic number that 240 records was the most I could delete at a time without Excel crashing on me. With the list of 230,000 names, I would have to repeat this process more than 950 times. Do I really have to give up that much time – literally a few hours a day for almost a week – to get just the relevant names on this list? I wasn’t even anywhere close to getting my perfect list.

Accessing the data I needed


Fortunately, I work with a great team that is incredibly skilled. The next day after airing my frustrations, Paul preset filtersbuilt me an AIR Warehouse and uploaded my spreadsheets as database records. He gave me a quick training session on how to use CopperHill AIR to apply my filters to meet certain criteria and generate a report. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, I had my precious list of names that fit all my criteria for marketing. I just needed to export it into a CSV file which I could then upload to my marketing automation tool. How long, you ask, did it take me from start to finish? Approximately 6 minutes.

Custom columns

Just to drive home the power of CopperHill AIR and how I can so easily segment my contact lists: I went from this daunting list of 230,000 names and spending hours trying to manipulate excel into giving me something I could work with, to having a clean and segmented marketing list with only names that met all my campaign criteria in 6 minutes. It saved me time and eliminated the chance of me including the wrong names in the list.

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